Saturday, October 11, 2003

Yep we're the worst according to Australia's Human Rights Commissioner (Mr Sev Ozdowski) himself a Polish refugee who was welcomed into this country many years ago and has done very well for himself in this, the worst country in the world, thankyou very much. According to Sev we keep them in detention the longest.


Do you get tired of those Australians who use thier positions as head of Amnesty or head of the Australia's UN "this" or the Australian International Human Rights "that", who lose all sense of proportion and so publicly bag us on the world stage as being the worst - when everybody with any sense knows that the opposite is true.

Aren't our few remaining long-stay detainees those who've been assessed as not being refugees and who are free to leave and go back to their (proven) safe countries at any time. Isn't the duration of their stay mostly due to the interference of third parties with agenda who sponsor protracted legal battles (free of charge).

Nup, we're still the worst according to Sev X. So how come a quick Google shows up this:

"Western Sahara refugees in camps for DECADES: "


and this:


I know, for Rwandans, the refugee camps were more than a tad harsher than here in Australia. I'm sure there was at least one camp where few made it out alive and the Aussie UN peacekeepers who witnessed it are, in several cases, still quivering wrecks as a result.

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