Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Gimme a Royal Break! Murder Cover-Up
Do the British Press have a vendetta or agenda against the British royals? Who in their right mind would think that this was newsworthy? The media is full of it. First one pit bull ("Dottie") is accused of "murder" (of the Queen's corgi) and then it is found to be innocent. The "criminal" is in fact the other pit bull named "Florence". A maid was reportedly "savaged" (i.e. received a minor bite) from Florence and now some nitwit is suggesting a conspiracy and a cover-up because Dottie got the blame (it was the press that laid the blame for "murder" on Dottie) in the first place.
Churlish Media
Colin Powell in statesman mode says, "It would be churlish to claim that the Bush administration's foreign policy has been error-free from the start". So, in characteristic churlish fashion, the editor's headline implies that that this is an 'admission' of foreign policy failure. The headline reads: "Powell admits policy errors"

Libya is the Key ?
This is interesting: "Libya's decision to reveal its secret nuclear program has exposed an international "cartel" responsible for smuggling atomic weapons technology worldwide."
ATSIC 'ignored' claims of fraud
Isn't it about time that ATSIC was wound up. It is a wasteful hotbed of cronyism that does little to advance the cause of genuinely disadantaged aboriginal people in remote communities and does much to antagonise the taxpayer. "Investigations by 'The Australian' have revealed widespread allegations of financial mismanagement, and that millions of dollars will be written off as a result of bad debts." ... "Sources say the problem is that allegations must be made formally in writing to the board of directors of the organisation running the program - but they are often the same people being complained about."
Downer is Upbeat about Iraq
Alexander Downer is upbeat about this year's progress in Iraq and has some advice for people of goodwill and fair mind who opposed the war. "Critics of the US (and the Australian Government) conveniently ignore the fact that before action was taken, the international community was in agreement about Hussein's WMD capabilities and the threat they posed." ... "Through their determined action, Australia and its coalition partners removed once and for all the threat of Hussein's WMD capabilities and aspirations" ... "It is difficult to believe anyone would seriously argue now that we should not have removed Hussein's regime." The whole thing is worth reading.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Young Conservatives Hounded at School
This young fellow and his buddies have to put up with a lot because he founded a young conservatives club at his high school. He sounds like he's out toward the far right but free speech is not just for the Left of politics. The police have advised him its safer not to go to school for a while. His stance and his criticism of teachers, has prompted some teachers to assist those doing the threats and intimidation. "Dennis Bueler, said he asked for help from a teacher who was also in the room. The teacher told him, 'When you say things like that, you've got to expect that things like this are going to happen."
Python Found: 400 Kilos, 15 metres. Big Snake.
This python snacks on three or four dogs per month and can swallow pigs, sheep or humans. The old record for the longest snake in the Guiness Book of Records was 9 metres. This newly discovered snake is as long as your house.


Monday, December 29, 2003

Say Aaaagh. Saddam Coughs up Some Dough ( $54,000,000,000. )
Want to know where some of that UN Food for Oil money went? Saddam has revealed to investigators that he has quite a tidy sum stashed away. If it's in Euro (Swiss) banks, good luck getting it back...

If they can retrieve it all, that's $2,053 bucks stolen from every Iraqi man, woman and child. That is a LOT of money in Iraq.
Wind Power Kills Thousands of Birds
In September, Andrew Bolt, fearless (and I mean fearless) reporter for Melbourne's Herald Sun wrote an article that exposed the wasteful construction of wind farms that are not only going to make Victoria's electricity more expensive but are blotting the landscape of its prime scenic attractions (the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians, etc..). Now a new study shows that a commercial-scale wind farm kills tens of thousands of birds. I hope they aren't endangered.
Get Me some of that Fat Cat Action
The public sector heads of the many State owned electricity utilities will be paid over a half a million dollars each, this year. According to this report, the sum includes about $60,000 in hush money to "stop them exposing underfunding in the sector". Their salary is more than double what the Prime Minister of the ACTUAL COUNTRY and what the PREMIER WHO RUNS THE STATE get paid. It is over five times what the average university professor would expect (don't tell the hard working Professor Bunyip or he'll be most upset). It is ten times what a degree qualified professional would expect. As for the average hard working Joe, well he'd be even more upset.
History Wars: Windschuttle Strikes Back
The noted historian, Kieth Windschuttle, puts the boot into his critics. In the article he mentions that SBS Indigenous Affairs staff (during work hours? and not even having first read the book) organised a protest against his book launch. Our taxes at (or not at) work.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

The Year of not Thinking Things Through
The Reverend Terry Lane who works at the ABC's proven, unbiased Radio National, has apparently lived through a year of not thinking things through. You'll recall, at the height of the second Gulf War, Terry wrote in his disgraceful article "The Hate that Dares not Speak its Name." that he wanted the defeat of his country's troops in Iraq. I know you'll all think of Terry in your prayers.
Car Hijackers Bash a Church Teacher Girl
"I was scared as soon as I saw them coming across the road towards me," Alanah said. Said Constable Brticevic, "Here you have this tiny little girl – her hands are as small as a child's – who's on her way to pick up an associate so they can volunteer their time to help children, and she was brutally attacked."

This plucky little girl had fight in her and made life really tough for those scum. As a result of her fight, it is highly likely that the villains will be caught and punished, hopefully severely. Through her, some of these guys will at minimum get a criminal record, perhaps even a custodial sentence, and if we're lucky, they may not re-offend for a while.

A couple of things: is it just me or has anyone else noted these introduced crimes of carjacking, house invasions and machete attacks, etc.. How the hell do these things happen in Australia? These things have NOT always happened here.

Also, so often the authorities advise people not to fight back, through a misguided sense of protecting the community. Yes, fighting back often results in more serious consequences for the victim but for society the consequence is usually a faster apprehension and more serious offences recorded against the scumbags who get locked away for longer. People who resist crime should get medals.
How do you define a Terrorist?
Much equivocation exists in the media about the term terrorist. Some media reporters take great pains not to use the term in the context of the war against terror or in the Middle-East conflict. Often this is convenient to their own bias but it does give an impression of an attempt at fairness in reporting. So, is the term terrorist misused? This linked website makes a start at defining terrorist, guerilla and freedom fighter. I think their attempt is a good start to a discussion but they still insist on blurring the line between a guerilla and a terrorist. I would like them to have stated categorically that a terrorist act is one directed against civilians. If this rule is consistently applied then it is easier to distinguish between a guerilla action (directed against troops, government or supporting civilian personnel) and terrorist action (directed against other civilians). Using this rule, a deliberate attack against a schoolbus loaded with kids is a terrorist act and an attack against an army base is a guerilla attack. This would make nonsense of media reports describing schoolbus attacks as the work of freedom fighters. A similar honest examination of the term freedom fighter would require that the person is fighting for freedom (ie. against a tyranny and for democracy) without using terrorism. It's not as simple as white-hat and black-hat but that's the image that folks who use these terms want to impart. If that's to be in anyway meaningful then the words have to be well defined so that the writer can inform the reader of the logic to his argument.

Since much ado is made in the media about who is a terrorist and who is a freedom fighter, the words often being misapplied to suit a reporter's argument, it is therefore most important to define the terms so a meaningful discussion can occur.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Osama, Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
US Democrat Presidential candidate Howard Dean said "...he would not state his preference on a punishment for bin Laden before the al Qaeda leader was captured and put before a jury."

Given that the US military have already acted on the US President's stated preference (dead or alive) and punished Osama and/or large sections of Afghanistan, if Dean doesn't think Osama did it or if he doesn't have an official position one way or the other until a US court conviction can be had, how then could Dean take total military action against Osama or anyone not already caught, tried and found guilty?

In wartime (i.e. when you lose 3000 citizens and two prominent landmarks) if you wait before acting, against an enemy, for a level of proof sufficient to satisfy a jury beyond a shadow of a doubt, you will very quickly find yourself on the losing side.

A little later, after being quized on his position, Dean backpeddled and issued a clarifying statement that reversed completely his earlier stance and emphatically stated a preference: he said, "I share the outrage of all Americans. Osama bin Laden has admitted that he is responsible for killing 3,000 Americans as well as scores of men, women and children around the world. This is exactly the kind of case that the death penalty is meant for. When we capture Osama bin Laden, he will be brought to justice and treated in the same manner that President Bush is recommending for Saddam Hussein."
Beagle Missing but Mars Satellite a Success
Still no signal received from the British lander which seperated from the European built satellite that carried it to Mars. Disappointing but to be expected. Mars is a tough place to visit. Only 3 of 11 landers have made it to Mars intact. The European satellite (Mars Express) has successfully acquired a Mars orbit so some good science through remote sensing is likely. When the satellite's orbit is finalised (around 4th January) there is a chance that it will be able to communicate with its lander. Meanwhile two NASA robot rovers are set to plunge into the Mars atmosphere, the first arriving to bounce down on the Martian surface around 4th January and the second machine will arrive a few weeks later. These two machines are sophisticated robot rovers equipped with stereo cameras, microphones, microscopes and onboard experiments to search for evidence of water, past or present. If there's water, there'll probably be life.
"G." The New $5 Rave Drug
Have they all gone mad? Read this story and despair at protecting your kids from this whole scene. Where do you start. It's in the schools, the government sends "counselors" around schools advertising to (i.e. educating) the young and the pushers are into "marketing".

Update: Yes. Yes, they have all gone mad. AIR FRESHENERS that retail for as little as $1.50 have emerged as the deadly drug of choice for many children and teenagers...

Jumbos are No Threat
"The Federal Government had overstated the terrorist threat to aircraft in Australia at the expense of focusing on "easier targets" such as public transport and shopping centres, according to the head of (Chubb) one of the country's biggest security firms."

Chubb provides security services to much public transport and shopping centres.

"Certainly our trains would be a much easier target and it would do just as much damage, and probably to more people, in one go," he told the committee last month."

Terrorists could fly them choo choos into the parliament or downtown buildings.

They used airplanes for S11 for a reason.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Hippo Attacks Beauty Queen
A hippopotamus has attacked a former South African beauty queen. Hippos, which can weigh up to two tons and have a frightening set of teeth, are among the most dangerous animals in Africa. More people are killed by hippos than by any other African animal.
Pakistan's PM Survives Again.
Another attempt to assassinate Pakistan's PM. You'll recall that Musharraf is opposed by the powerful fundamentalist groups in Pakistan society and from sections of the country's bureaucracy that set up the Taliban in Afghanistan. Musharraf recently (after the first attempt) agreed to resign as chief of the army by the end of 2004.
Lost in Space
Looks like the British Mars (Beagle 2) lander is in trouble. The only hope now is that its parent ship (the Mars Express satellite) will acquire the landers signal when the satellite completes its orbit insertion (January 4th).
What If the Beagle Sniffs Life on Mars?
Here's an interesting letter from Adrian Bane, sent to the SMH, in response to criticisms from his fellow letter writers about Chris McGillion's article entitled: "God knows how we will respond if Beagle 2 finds life on Mars"

"God works in mysterious ways", it's the "explain all - don't bother questioning your beliefs - get out of jail free" card that theologians have always used to address the many facts that directly challenge or appear to nullify the stated dogma of their faiths.

It is amazing that in 2003, all the thousands of things discovered and proven about the known universe are ignored by billions of the world's inhabitants in favour of believing in the one thing for which there is no evidence whatsoever: a God.

It's incredible that 40 years after man first shot into space, we're still killing each other over religion.

It wouldn't matter what was discovered in space, humanity is still largely a body of superstitious, ignorant fools who will look back to ancient myths that have never been supported by evidence over any reality that confronts them.

If anything profound is found, chances are it will become another reason for religious zealots to kill one another."

- a letter from Adrian Bain, Pendle Hill, December 23.
The Beagle Has Landed
The Planetary Society and the BBC report that Beagle 2 -- the small, 68.8 kilogram pocket watch-shaped lander that is the United Kingdom’s first mission to another planet – is believed to have entered the Martian atmosphere right on schedule at 2:54 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Christmas day in the U.K. and bounced to a stop on the surface of the Red Planet. It will be only the fourth spacecraft in history to have successfully touched down on Mars.

In a few days two NASA robot vehicles will bounce down and begin roving the surface. History unfolding. Wonder what they'll find?

Update: No word yet from the little lander. Hope she hasn't been lost.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Crime Wave in Saudi Arabia
People in Saudi Arabia are totally confused. They don't understand how crime can keep rising in a Muslim society. Riyadh police say in the past 3 years, they have recorded more than 13,000 serious robberies. 100 people were beheaded in the last 2 years for murder, rape, etc... In 1999 there were 615 murder trials. Drug raids now are so common that they no longer are guaranteed to make the front page.

All this despite living in that Wahhabi utopia under strict Sharia Law.

Isn't this the same decadent state they've been in for centuries?

Them calling the West decadent is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Well somebody had to do it.
In a Sydney court recently were the sons of an "Australian" al-Qaeda suspect held at Guantanamo Bay. They were involved in the abduction of a woman who was bound with electrical wire and her head wrapped with tape before being dragged into a car and enduring a two hour ordeal in a suburban garage, during which she had her head shaved. The woman was an estranged relative who had earlier fled the family home after a domestic dispute.

Ahmed Habib is the media's little darling boy, who together with his mummy, were in cohoots with Greens Senator Bob Brown and sat in the Gallery to help shout down George Bush. The darling boy (Habib, not Brown unfortunately) was ejected from the parliament by security and then played the role of brutalised victim, to the eager press.

With regards to their lead role in the abduction and assault I guess that without dad around to do it both sons may have felt that they had better step up to the mark.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Plastic Beer
The Prime Minister has visited the Solomon Islands today, to pass on his Christmas greetings to soldiers and other Australians serving there and deliver beer. This is good PR for the PM so what do you reckon are the chances that Philip Adams et al. will say it was plastic beer?

Sunday, December 14, 2003

PC Holiday Demanded
VICTORIAN workers may gain an extra public holiday so as to say sorry to Aborigines and to celebrate reconciliation.

The Day will be an admission of guilt. Each year, all Victorians will say sorry for something they did not do or will watch nominated representatives apologising on their behalf. Each year, we will celebrate this never ending reconciliation.

Key unionists and the dominant Left wing of the Labor Party are lobbying the State Government to add an additional public holiday to the existing eleven. According to the linked report, it's all about getting extra holidays: and pushing the social re-engineering barrow. If the new holiday should fall on a weekend they may want another holiday (perhaps an Anti-Howard [Sorry] Day or a Refugee Rights [Sorry] Day) to make up for it. No doubt there'll be a highly-payed organising committee and also lots of invited Leftoid-Elite speakers at rallies all giving Australia a serve. There'll be handouts to various selected groups so they can organise suitable celebrations. It will be a great coup for the Left and for the Victim Industry in general.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Veiled Threats to French Culture
A French presidential panel concluded that France should outlaw Islamic head scarves in public schools to halt the burgeoning influence of Muslim fundamentalism and save the values that guide modern-day France. At just 7% of the population! Just imagine if they got above 14%.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Organised Riot at Port Hedland?
The facts behind this story if they could be discovered would, I'm sure, make excellent reading.

The teacher used her pupils to travel more than 1500 km in defiance of a warning that she and her charges would not be allowed to enter for their safety. Management were not sure how the inmates would react to a bus load of Christian virgins. After "someone" from the outside contacted the detainees to gee them up and tell them they weren't coming, the end result was (you guessed it) a riot. Just as well the kids didn't get in. Several workers were injured including two who have suspected spinal injuries.

The management were proven correct.

Does this excursion and subsequent riot sound contrived to you ? Who are the teachers (or other players) involved? Do they or their mates have previous form? Who called the detainees to instigate the riot ?

Save Ferris! ( Jeannie's Ferris's day off! )
Ace campaigner against violence to women, Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett gatecrashed a Coalition Xmas party on Thursday night and was seen legging off with an armful of wine bottles. Several were later retrieved by staffers but when confronted on the FLOOR OF THE SENATE by Senator Ferris (who asked about the remainder) an altercation ensued leaving Jeannie Ferris cowed and nursing a very sore arm and shoulder. Bartlett was seen violently shaking Jeannie repeatedly by the shoulder and shouting "You fucking bitch" before gripping her arm as she tried to pull away.

While the scene was not captured on video. Bartlett can apparently be seen staggering across the Senate chamber in front of the camera.


Before entering Parliament in 1997, Bartlett spoke on behalf of Men Against Sexual Assault at a rally against domestic violence in Brisbane and he campaigns on a platform of non-violence.
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